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Help keep Joe's spirit alive!


In celebration of Joe’s life and how he lived his life, the Joseph Michael Albany Jr. Memorial Fund has been created to support the interests that were important to Joe: education, specifically in the areas of engineering; Junior marksmanship, providing opportunities for those interested in this field to have the opportunities Joe received doing what he loved; and community service.

The goal of this foundation is to keep Joe’s spirit alive by continually providing monetary support to the interests Joe loved through individual, corporate, and fund-raising contributions.

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On  August 10, 2017, Joe was celebrating his 22nd birthday by receiving birthday wishes from family and friends.  Joe was so excited, as he was returning to East Carolina University the following day to start his final year in electrical engineering.  During lunch that day, he celebrated his last day of his summer internship at Corning with his colleagues.  He enjoyed his internship, as he was able to showcase his engineering knowledge.  Joe was looking forward to returning to ECU to add to his knowledge, work with his friends on the transit team, and move into a house  with one of his best friends.

While loading the U-Haul that he rented to return to ECU, he and a friend who stopped by to assist him, decided to go out for a pizza.  The plan was to return to his home and finish loading the U-Haul.  In a conversation with his father who was on a business trip at the time, Joe said he would see his father the following day when he picked him up at the airport, as the plan was to travel together to ECU to empty the U-Haul and then enjoy a weekend of fishing with his family before starting his semester.  Something Joe and his family enjoyed together often.

Upon returning to his home that evening, and one mile from his driveway, Joe was killed in a car for which he was a passenger.  The world lost a wonderful human being, a bright star, someone who touched so many lives in his 22 years, who had a trademark smile, and who would always give  a "thumbs up" as a way of communicating that all was well.

The "thumbs up" can be seen in pictures of Joe from a very young age.  Everyone who knew Joe was very familiar with his "thumbs up."

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All of us had many great days and moments with Joe—just not enough years!

Joe was a son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, and friend. Joe loved hunting, fishing, marksmanship activities, spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, studying electrical engineering, and helping people be the best they can be. Joe never met a stranger. His smile was infectious and it was the first thing one saw—whether it was the first time you met him or whether you saw him every day. Joe loved to learn about everyone he met and had a gift of bringing out the good in everyone. He touched so many lives in the short time he was with us as evidenced by all the comments his friends have shared .The following are a few examples of tributes—a testimony of how Joe touched everyone he met:


Joe, you one of the most talented engineering students out of the school, you're driven, know how to make anyone laugh or really think at any given time. You helped me get a job while at school, and all of the studying we put towards school together was going to carry us so much further ahead in life than you or I could ever imagine. You're a truly great American, who never wasted a moment. Love you like a brother man. And sorely, I must say, the good Lord above got one of the good ones.


Joe was a great young man that anyone would have been proud to call son. He was always respectful and friendly to everyone he met. Joe was talented, hard-working, and had an incredibly bright future. We had a lot of fun times and I was looking forward to many more. Joe had an affinity for the ties that bind. So let's make Joe the tie that binds us together. Rest in peace my friend and I'll see you on the other side.


As an athletic trainer, we all come across those special kids that affect you in some way. Joe was one of those that was truly growing into a wonderful person and young an. He always made it a point to make others smile and come see me after he graduated. He worked his tail off on the football and baseball fields. You will be missed!! We will always be looking up to you in heaven like our own angel drone.


Joe exemplified everything you would want in a friend, a cousin, a brother, and a son. His passion for life was contagious, and I was blessed with many incredible memories shared with him. I think there is no greater compliment to a man than to say “if I’m blessed with a son, I hope he is just like you.” I pray the deer in heaven are big, the fish are hungry, and the ducks are slow.

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Thumbs Up

From a young child, Joe’s trademark “thumbs up” is reflected in all aspects of his life as shown in pictures and was always "ready to go" all what life had to offer. It symbolized to others that all was well with him and it showed his positive view on life, especially in the areas of family, sports, education, and friendships; and it is a symbol that will live on as a remembrance of how Joe lived his life.

As we struggle with the “why” of Joe’s untimely death at the prime of his life, let’s each of us reflect on the “why” in our own lives for ensuring each of us keeps Joe’s spirit alive within us. Whatever the “thumbs up” means to you in your lives, think of Joe and transfer his positive spirit into your everyday lives and make the most of each and every day. “Joe had an affinity for the ties that bind. So, let’s make Joe the tie that binds us together.”


Thumbs-up to all who contribute to Joe’s foundation.  Thumbs up to Joe for showing us that we are good to go to help others. Joe would be so proud knowing that his foundation will continually fulfill the dreams of others in his name.

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Contact us if you would like to get involved with event planning and coordination.

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Get in touch with a representative from the Joseph Michael Albany Jr. Memorial Foundation to learn more about our mission and how you can get involved.

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